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Don’t Get Me Wrong

Useful booklet from The Communications Trust. This booklet is for anyone working with children and young people, who have some understanding of speech, language and communication needs but would like more information. VIEW THE BOOKLET ONLINE


Feedback From EMSTS Makaton Courses

‘Excellent course, learn’t much more than I was expecting to acheter du cialis moins cher. All tutors were friendly and approachable, many, many thanks’ ‘I loved the course very much and looking forward to doing my enhancement course with Louise again’ ‘Excellent delivery from a very knowledgeable and experienced facilitator who brought the course material …


Identification of SLCN

<h3Useful Article Came across some useful information from <a href="http://www.worcestershire.gov cialis 5 milligrams pilules.uk/cms/resident-home.aspx” target=”_blank”>Worcestershire County Council on identification of SLCN. Their website covers a range of topics on Speech Language Communication and has some useful downloads as well. Introduction Co-occurrence Identification of SLCN can be problematic for many reasons: children may have other difficulties …


Helping Children With Down Syndrome

2 great videos Couple of nice videos we came across on the CBBC Newsround website, the links to view them are below. They are both hosted by Ruben, someone we have been seeing for speech therapy for several weeks now. Ruben is 13 and swims for Great Britain, he loves to DJ and also has …


Pinterest as a Resource

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The Benefits of Makaton For Your Child

Useful information from CBeebies Grown Ups The BBC CBeebies for Grown Ups website is a great place to start if you want to learn more about Makaton and the benefits it can bring for your child. There are many resources, tips and links that can help get you up to speed. Using Makaton signing can …