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Gemma Johnson

Gemma Johnson, Clinical Lead

Gemma is on maternity leave until February 2019

Gemma qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) in 2004 from University College London. She has worked since then in a number of settings including mainsteam schools, language units, nurseries, an ICAN accredited nursery (where she delivered an intensive specialist programme to preschool children with significant language delays and disorders), a secondary communication unit for students with social communication disorders including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and most recently an Independent International School working with students with a range of language and communication difficulties.

Gemma has experience working with children aged 2 to 18 years old and has enjoyed and developed highly specialist skills in working with children with communication difficulties in 1:1, small group and large group sessions. She has held several consultative roles in which she has delivered training and advice to the children’s settings and worked closely with Education staff to adapt and modify the curriculum and learning environment to maximise the child’s communication success.

She is passionate about working as a team around the child, sharing knowledge and expertise between parents, education staff and herself as an SLT.

Speech Therapy Specialists Gemma Johnson

Parent Feedback for Gemma Johnson

What have you or your child found helpful or enjoyed about therapy sessions with?

Speaking on behalf of my son I believe he has found the sessions very useful and it has certainly helped improve his confidence. The fact that he could do the sessions in school was a definite advantage and the inclusion of his peers at the beginning was a great help. I think it made him realise that everyone has something that they may struggle with, and that he does have friends who will support him. The sessions have also made him more reflective about what he says (and how he acts) and how this impacts on those around him. In general, I believe he has found it a fun and enjoyable experience and has built up a good relationship with Gemma.

I have been very impressed with the help my son has received and have been particularly happy with the feedback that I have received from Gemma. She has always been quick to email or call me with details on how the sessions have gone, what has been covered, what went well and what didn’t. Gemma has been excellent in offering advice on what to cover at future sessions and provided me with plenty of information on other resources that could help. I feel that my input has always been considered and she has always got back to me quickly with any concerns that I may have had.

Are there any ways that your experience with Speech Therapy Specialists Ltd could be improved?

None that I can think of.

If you have any further comments, please note them below:

My son is supported by a Teaching Assistant and she has attended most of the sessions with him. I think this has been very positive as not only has she gained a better understanding of his needs but has also been able to help him more on a ‘day to day’ basis. As quite a lot of the help she offers is provided in a group environment, I also believe, other pupils have benefitted from what she has learnt.

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