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Identification of SLCN


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Came across some useful information from <a href="http://www.worcestershire.gov cialis 5 milligrams pilules.uk/cms/resident-home.aspx” target=”_blank”>Worcestershire County Council on identification of SLCN. Their website covers a range of topics on Speech Language Communication and has some useful downloads as well.



Identification of SLCN can be problematic for many reasons: children may have other difficulties as well as SLCN, they may have a wide and complex range of needs and there can be co-occurrence with other labels and diagnoses.

Hidden Disability

SLCN is often considered to be a “hidden disability”. Some aspects of SLCN are more visible than others, particularly those associated with speech and sound. Others are less so, for example, the child who is experiencing difficulty in understanding or using language may appear to be inattentive, passive or even rude.

There are children who become very skilled at hiding their difficulties e.g. by watching other people so they know what to do or by pretending they know when they don’t. The SLC needs may be missed altogether or masked by these other…READ MORE ON THE WCC WEBSITE.

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